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Our Stuff

Pictures of our First Goats,

weighing in a kid and a set of triplets,

Lis and Hope ,

Lis and an adorable kid,

Here's @ the Rich Valley Goat Show 1998

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Everyone Else's Stuff

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Alberta Goat Breeders Association

Bailie's Nubian Dairy Goats and possibly the greatest collection of goat links.

DUH GOATMAN Many great links, 900 and more all the time...

Visit Westside Services for Caprine Advertising & the Goat Product Line!

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Internet Hay Exchange

The University of Guelph Goat Studies

U of Maryland National Goat Handbook

NPGA Home Page

Pack Goat Home Page

The Goat Shrine

Almond Acres


Oklahoma State U Goat Breeds Study

Howdy, Howdy Ag and Farm Search Tool

The Goat Farmer Mag...

Trembling Prairie Station Angora Goats Extensive information on Boer Goats

Keri-Rose Boer Goats

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